Žižkovská noc 2020

First, we had to reschedule our traditional March dates to October. Then we watched new restrictions change indoor venue capacity to be limited to 500 people. This was ok since none of our venues are bigger than that. We worked hard on new hygienic and safety standards in all our venues, meanwhile we polished the line up to the perfection and promoted the festival. Then the restrictions cut opening hours between midnight and 6AM which hurt our schedule badly. We redid the whole schedule once again to comply with all the current restrictions and looked forward to enjoying the festival with you. After couple of days, we were forced to redo the schedule once again to end before 10PM and make all our shows and performances seated. We still believed we could manage it and make the festival even in smaller and more compact version. Unfortunately, we had to stop all work on this year's Žižkovská Noc. There is too much uncertainty, new restrictions, and misinformation. We could not make the festival happen in quality and safety as we wish to, and as you deserve.

We wanted to wrap up months of hard work, planning, contracts and fulfill all our promises to bands and all the people without whom the festival would not exist. We also want to hold on strong on values and integrity of an organizer of a huge social event. Several key decisions led to cancelation of the festival. First one is financial, we’re going to be hurt but we’re going to survive. The second and the main one is the humane one. Is it worth organizing large festival in times of raging global pandemic? We feel responsible for the festival team and personnel that worked hard on this year edition for more than a year and half. We all have friends and family members from risk groups and if something can spread the virus, then it’s a large gathering of people mingling all over the place like Žižkovská Noc

We value our curators, artists and fans that continue to support us in this uneasy time. We couldn’t do this without you. We’d also like to thank all our partners. It’s good to recognize we are all in this together – responsibly, fairly, ethically and with humility. Our festival is built on core values of solidarity and mutuality. We strive to bring the best and the most interesting from independent and alternative scene. We don’t want to see cancelling the festival as a failure. Year and a half of hard work didn’t come in vain – we have the best team we ever had, we work with great curators but foremost – we have a future where we can bring back online streams, podcasts and other content to become visible and audible part of Žižkov's colorful cultural scene.

Thank you all for your trust and understanding the reasons that led us to cancel Žižkovská Noc 2020. We can’t wait to see you all at Žižkovská Noc 2021!

For all ticket holders, we offer several possibilities. Cancelling festival is a big challenge for our finances, so we’d like to offer you keeping your tickets valid for Žižkovská Noc 2021. Your support will be extremely helpful and appreciated. If you find yourself in a situation, you’d prefer to refund your tickets, please contact our ticketing provider GoOut for more details. We will inform about Žižkovská Noc 2021 as soon as possible.

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